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Manufactured Housing Industry’s Take on Zoning

In recent years, South Carolina began reversing a 30-year trend of zoning out manufactured homes. More areas of South Carolina are now including manufactured homes by using design and compatibly standards.


Manufactured Housing: A product of the American competitive market system

  • The efficiency of factory production is our economic system’s response to the critical need for affordable housing.
  • Consumers determine the type of housing which represents the best value for their housing dollars. Home ownership is good for everybody. It gives families ties to the community, kids do better in school and home owners take pride in where they live.
  • Dramatic changes in modern-day manufactured homes make it much easier to treat home buyers fairly in the zoning process. Manufactured homes can be built to be compatible with any other type of home.


Many South Carolina counties routinely appreciate manufactured homes on their tax rolls. It’s just a matter of using modern-day assessment methods. The Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina can help show officials how to get maximum value from manufactured homes.