Continuing Education Hour Tracking

MHISC has introduced a new tool for licensees to keep track of their earned hours. Now, every licensee can access their continuing education certificate using the tool to the right. These official certificates are accepted by LLR as proof of your course completion. MHISC no longer issues paper certificates by mail for completed courses.

Enter your license number in the box on the right and select your name in the box that appears below. Once on the page detailing your course records, you can click the button at the bottom of the page to print your CE certificate.

If your name does not show up, we do not have any record of you completing courses. This tool only tracks courses for the 2020-2022 licensing cycle.

Courses provided by MHISC will be processed and reflected in this system within 14 business days of completion.

MHISC does not track continuing education hours from other course providers.

Please contact to report an issue.

This service is not available on mobile.