Pre-Licensing Course

Information on this page provided by the SC Manufactured Home School of Licensing

The Course is a Part of the Licensing Process

All manufactured home dealers, salespersons, contractors, installers and repairers must be licensed by a state agency, the SC Manufactured Housing Board.

The requirements for licensure are listed on the Board’s webpage. Applications are also online.

Among the requirements is a pre-licensing course.

Retailer Course

For retail dealer and salesperson applicants a course is offered by the South Carolina Manufactured Home School of Licensing. The classes are generally offered monthly in Columbia. MHISC does not offer a pre-licensing course for new applicants but does offer Continuing Education classes for current license-holders

The cost of the class is $275 which includes a textbook, Nascla Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Management: Manufactured Housing, 3rd edition. Students must bring the textbook to the class. Applicants may find that the book is available from someone who has previously taken the course. They may bring the book and will receive a $50 discount from the cost of tuition. But note that the book must be the current 3rd Edition.

The course is a day long and includes an additional unit at the end specifically for retail dealer applicants. There is a break in the class for lunch. Students will receive a certificate of completion which they will need to include in the application package they submit to the SCMHB.

For more details about the course, or to register contact

Retailer Testing

An examination must be completed through PSI Examination Services. Contact them at or 1 (800) 733-9267

A word of encouragement. Generally somewhere between two-thirds and three-fourth of students pass the test on the first try. A higher percentage of students ultimately passes on the second or third try.

Contractor, Installer and Repairer Course

A contractor’s license allows the licensees to do the same type of work as licensed installers and repairers.

Training is provided by the Manufactured Housing Institute. Contact MHI at: (703) 558-0400 or The course is provided online. 

Contractor, Installer and Repairer Testing

An examination must be completed through PSI Examination Services. Contact PSI at 1 (800) 733-9267 or visit

Next Upcoming Course

July 10

9:00am – 3:00pm

829 Meeting Place  Aiken, SC 29803

MHISC is not affiliated with the School of Licensing but posts information about upcoming classes as a service to members.

We are advised by the South Carolina Manufactured Housing School of Licensing that there will be a temperature check and mask required. Because of distancing requirements, the class will be able to accommodate the first 20 registrants.

The class will be held in Aiken. The owner of the school indicates that venues in Columbia are very limited due to the COVID-19 virus but plans are the move the class to a more central location in Columbia as soon as possible.

To Register – Click the link to the registration for below. Once it is filled out, email it to

Important Information – Please review this carefully prior to registering.

  • This course is required by the South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board. They will not issue you a license without proof of completion of this course.
  • This is a one day course for dealers and salespeople.
  • Registration Deadline is 5PM the day before the course.
  • Registration MUST BE paid prior to attending the course. You may pay at the door.
  • Bring your Picture ID with you.

About the Course Provider


Joanne Polston

Owner and Instructor at

South Carolina Manufactured Housing School of Licensing

CONTACT INFO – Contact the South Carolina Manufactured Housing School of Licensing for questions or course registration at their email address:

INSTRUCTOR BIO – Polston has over 25 years experience in the industry. She has worked as a salesperson, general manager and regional retail manager. She currently holds a retail license as manager of Crossroads Manufactured Home Community in Aiken and serves as MHISC’s chair of the board of directors.