Who can legally install a manufactured home in South Carolina?

Hint: there are only four correct answers.

___ 1. SC Residential Builder

___ 2. General Contractor

___ 3. Installer licensed by SC Manufactured Housing Board

___ 4. Contractor licensed by SC Contractors Licensing Board or SC Residential Builders Commission

___ 5.  Repairer licensed by SCMHB

___ 6. Contractor licensed by SC Manufactured Housing Board

___ 7.  A contractor hired by a dealer (unless they are Installer or Contractor licensed by SCMHB)

___ 8.  A retail dealer installing a home sold by another dealer

___ 9.  A person setting his or her own home

___ 10.  A manufactured home installer properly licensed by the State of Georgia?

___ 11.  A dealer licensed in the State of North Carolina who sells a home placed in SC

___ 12. An employee of a dealer or manufacturer


Continuing Education (CE) is now required for almost all licensed professions working in the state. A good course will always provide useful, practical, and sometimes surprising information to license-holders.

The CE requirements for the industry are set by the SC Manufactured Housing Board, a state agency. MHISC provides free CE as a member benefit.

Answers: Only 3, 6, 9, and 12 can legally set a manufactured home in South Carolina.