Twenty Eyes Read Update Magazine Before You Do

June 6, 2022

The MHISC staff will be busy this week working on the magazine.

And next week and the week after that. 

Putting together the association’s Update magazine includes a lot of steps.

It’s worth the effort.  A recent survey found that of all the services MHISC provides, the magazine is our members’ favorite.

The first step is that we assign articles to the staffers, based on their areas of responsibility. Then we figure out where to put the articles ion the 16 pages for each issue.  (See dramatic photo)

Five people, all our FT and part-time staffers, then proofread they article.  Then comes layout. Fitting in headlines, photos, captions, ads, cutting the articles: it’s a bit like putting a puzzle together.

After layout, at least three staffers proofread each article, then we send the whole magazine to a paid proofreader for one last look.  

Clayton Evans does the layout, and all the staff, Andrea Westmoreland, Gail Fallaw, Matt Koch, Shell Suber and I write and edit articles.  It’s a labor of love.  Among the staffers we have two former news reporters, a degree in Journalism and a Masters in Communication.