The State Associations Work Closely Together;

We Talk Just About Every Day

June 17, 2022

Georgia’s new director at MHISC office in Columbia. Those are photos of Cudd and Pinka in the background. They are in our Hall of Fame photo gallery.

The new Executive Director of the Georgia association dropped by MHISC’s office in Columbia.

He is Jimmy Cotty.  He formerly was ED for the Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association.  

Our SC staff enjoyed the visit.  The directors of the state manufactured housing association are in constant contact.  The issues and administrative challenges we face are often very similar.  We get an email from a fellow exec just about every day with information about industry developments.  Especially helpful are the emails where a director asks for suggestion on an issue and the other guys share their own experiences.  We find out what’s worked and not worked in other states.

Guys and gals that is.  Going back as far as the 1990’s our industry has had a larger proportion of female executive directors than most associations dealing with similar areas such as construction, manufacturing, housing, etc.  One example, Charlotte Gattis, who ran the Georgia association for over 30 years was a real dynamo.  She knew everybody who was anybody in Georgia government and they all loved her. 

Frost heave and labor unions aren’t much of a factor in South Carolina

Of course, the issues faced by the state association aren’t always identical.  Two things that come up in some states but aren’t much of a factor in SC are frost heave and working with labor unions.  Suits me fine.  

I don’t go often because of budgetary considerations, but the national meetings where the MH state executives meet are a great experience.  We have so much in common it’s like running into a bunch of your best buddies all in one place.

Jimmy Cotty’s telephone # is (404) 291-4161 and his email address is Welcome Jimmy!