Some License-holders Took All Four Hours of their CE Requirements on September 30, the Last Day to Meet the Deadline

September 30 was the deadline for all license-holders to submit their license renewal.  Most licensees made the deadline.  That means they are good to go for the upcoming licensing period from now through July 2022.

This year’s renewal was a little more involved because it was the first time industry professionals had to have completed Continuing Education courses in order to renew.  On the other hand, they had more time; the state extended the original July 1, 2020 deadline three months through the end of September.

Next time, SC Manufactured Housing Board licensees will need six hours of continuing education to renew their license by June 30, 2022.  (The six hour requirement were pro-rated down to four during the last licensing period.  That was because the CE requirements were implemented partway through the two-year licensing period.)

As a service to the industry, MHISC provides CE classes for all license-holders. Classes are presented at MHISC chapter and statewide meetings as well as online. MHISC will offer plenty of classes so everyone can get their needed CE hours.

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