Selling a Modular Display Model Built to the Previous Building Code

South Carolina law outlines a way for display centers to sell homes built to an earlier building code.

The display model must:

  1. Have a valid modular home label issued by the state;
  2. Meet the appropriate wind and seismic requirements in effect when the label was issued;
  3. Not have been altered from its original design;
  4. Be manufactured within five years before the placement of the home for first residential use; and 
  5. Be accompanied by a written notice that the home meets the appropriate code requirements in effect at the time of manufacture, and may or may not meet the code requirements in effect at the time of placement for residential use.



The form at the link below was designed to meet Requirement 5. The form can be reformatted with your company logo or other design features.



MHISC / SCMHI drafted and passed law at the SC statehouse to allow this. The SC Modular Housing Institute is the modular division of MHISC. In order to take advantage of the law, modular sellers need to keep track of the date of manufacture of their display models. A home manufactured in July 2017, for example, needs to be sold and placed on a home site by July 2022.