We did our first interview today to fill MHISC’s newly created Local Government Coordinator position.

The MHISC Board of Directors voted to create the new position.   I think this decision shows a lot of foresight on the part of the board.

When sales are down as they were with the 2008 recession/bubble bust, manufactured housing was largely off the radar screen for local government.  Now with sales increased moderately, we’ll need to work more closely with cities and counties.

That’s a big job. There are 46 counties and 271 incorporated cities and towns in South Carolina.

Traditionally MHISC has been thorough in the hiring process.  It takes several weeks but we’ve had remarkable success in finding great employees.  We look forward to introducing our newest employee to our members—and to officials around the state.

Our current employees are:

Andrea Westmoreland—Deputy Executive Director

Shell Suber—Government Affairs Director

Janae Frazier—Communications Coordinator

Lauren Hicklin—Administrative Assistant, who works part-time