Sometimes a company’s application for membership with MHISC doesn’t quite tell the whole story about the operation.

We received an app from Affordable Communities Group in Cary, North Carolina.  Cary’s a nice little town I thought; wonder if they already own any communities in South Carolina.

Turns out they do, six of them:

Lake Wylie MHC – Lake Wylie, SC

McDuffie MHC – Easley, SC

Old Pendleton Estates MHC – Easley, SC

Maple Creek – Greer, SC

Pinebrook Estates MHC – Spartanburg, SC

McGregor Downs MHC – West Columbia, SC

Does that last community ring a bell?    We ran a blurb on social media last March when Affordable Communities Group bought McGregor Down for $4.3 million.  I wasn’t familiar with them then but it turns out the company is one of the 40 largest in the nation, and growing.

Quite an operation.   Welcome to MHISC, Alyssa Conlon and everybody at AGC.