MHISC now has two Facebook pages

One page exclusively for members has insider info for industry professionals.

The other features great facts about factory-built homes members can use in their own social media.    

The association recommends that members follow both pages because they each have a different benefit.


MHISC Members is a closed group Facebook page open only to current members. Posts will include:

  • New and changed laws (state, local and federal)
  • News about members, both happy and sad
  • Some funny stories and photos of people in the industry
  • Reminders about meetings and chapters
  • Info we wouldn’t necessarily share with the public, such as political battles and media strategy


Manufactured Housing Institute of SC, the association’s original FB page, has a new target: homebuyers and member companies interested in reaching out to those customers. Posts will include:

  • Information about quality, affordability, new features, the industry’s high consumer satisfaction rate
  • Features about how factory production means you can buy a home for 30% less per square foot without any compromise
  • Beautiful photos of homes and interiors
  • MHISC research and data members can incorporate into their own marketing and conversations with customers

MHISC produces its own photos of South Carolina-style homes for its posts.


With lots of likes and shares from members, the posts will be reaching potential buyers, changing public perceptions, and educating officials we need to support our industry. Members can repost and retweet the info and photos to promote their company.

The new approach is part of the social media action plan approved by the MHISC Board of Directors. Member participation in both Facebook pages is essential. Facebook determines how many people will be introduced to a page based on the number of follows and shares it gets.

You can join the members-only group on Facebook by following this link and clicking the \”Join\” button. You can follow the public page at this link. For more information, please contact