MHISC\’s Office in Downtown Columbia Remains Open and in Operation

April 8, 2020

As you can imagine there are a lot of C-19 issues to deal with and essential information to get out to the members.  

One key goal is being sure our industry is allowed to carry out the essential functions needed by the people of South Carolina. Residents depend on our community managers to keep everything safe, clean and in good working order. The last thing a family needs right now is to move out of their apartment and find that they can’t get a permit to move into their new home.

There is a huge amount of information our members need and it’s MHISC’s role to see they are kept up-to-date. We’ve sent several advisories to the membership. 

The situation is changing rapidly and we are in close touch with the Governor, the SC Manufactured Housing Board, and our national MHI affiliate. Issues continue to come up daily with local governments in the state.

Yesterday for example, the Governor has issued a new order that goes into effect at 5:00 today. We’ve sent out an interpretation of what that lengthy document says. Additionally, we’ll be sending information about aid coming available to small businesses and to our customers, employees and residents. Also, a link to the new issue of Update, our association magazine, with SC-specific information concerning the impact on our retailers, communities, manufacturers and service / suppliers.