Welcome to the new MHISC.com!

You will find selling tools for members, tons of information, and you will notice that it is a lot easier to use.

This is the largest revamp since MHISC.com first launched back in 2002.

One of the most exciting features is the Find A Home section. This allows us to advertise MHISC members to potential customers. Consumers can search our interactive map of manufactured and modular home providers for their housing needs.   Potential buyers will feel good about the many consumer provisions that protect them. The website examines and dispels old myths about manufactured housing.

The Find a Community section also includes an interactive map that allows an easy and reliable way to find a nice community for a manufactured home. There’s also a section that highlights manufacturers and service supply members.

The updated Members section is now more navigable and has more information. You will find:

  • easy-to-use Member Directory
  • one-stop source for that state and national industry news
  • information about upcoming meetings.

Members will now also able to register for events directly on the website.

Industry professionals will find all the information they need to do business in South Carolina. The Member Library Section includes handy forms and easy-to-follow summaries of the rules governing the sale and placement of manufactured housing in the state.

Another great feature of the new website is a section designed with local and state policy makers in mind. It’s a resource where decision-makers can go for information and answers about factory-built homes.

This page provides background needed to make informed decisions, such as key statistics, basic definitions, government policy and the logic behind the industry’s top legislative priorities. They’ll read why it is important to keep the industry’s energy efficiency sales tax formula.

There is also a section just for the media. It features helpful links and definitions about manufactured housing, access to press releases, news and updates, high-quality photographs to be used on newscasts, magazines, or in newspapers, and contact information.  

The page lets media professionals know that MHISC’s staff is always accessible to provide background information or comment on issues impacting the industry.    

Each section of MHISC.com helps to positively promote the industry while equipping members with all of the resources and important information they need.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new website. How can the website be even better?

Email your suggestions to info@mhisc.com.