The MHISC staff met today to plan for this year’s chapter meetings.

There are five chapters, Charleston, Grand Strand, Midlands,  Pee Dee, Upstate and Grand Strand.  March, June, September and December are MHISC Chapter months.

We decided to prepare a brief report giving members the latest developments at the State, federal and local government level.  We’re monitoring every county in the state.  Members will get a report on all the counties in the chapter area.  They’ll hear about changes and proposed changes in their own market area.

Sometimes those proposed changes are not favorable to our industry.  One cool thing about the chapters is that members in the area are already organized as a group and can immediately hit the ground running and work together to head off negative proposals such as zoning or new fees.

We think that the local info they get will be yet another reason for members to participate in their area chapter.

Each of the give chapters will also offer an hour of free Continuing Education.  Retailers, salesperson, installers, contractors, repairers need to get four hours of CE before they renew their license in May or June 2020.    Here’s info on this month’s chapter meetings.