Licensing Board Auditing Dealer and Authorized Official Licenses

Are you ready?  The SC Manufactured Housing Board staff will do a review of the licensing records for each of SC’s retailer dealers in the state.

The agency will be auditing records to determine whether:

• The dealership’s “authorized official” is either an owner of the company or holds an appropriate license. An Authorized Official who is not the dealer must have either a manufactured home salesperson license or a MH retail dealer license in accordance with Section 40-29-327.  

• The correct current authorized official is on record with the agency. The SCMHB must be notified in writing within 20 days if the authorized official changes.

Each dealership must have an Authorized Official with authority to represent the display center in business transactions.  The dealer may serve as his or her own Authorized Official (AO) or the dealer may appoint a second person who is designated as the AO.