May 6, 2022

MHISC has had some great chairs in the last several years.  They’ve shepherded us through good times and challenging times, run our meetings skillfully and set the tone for the association.

But Joanne Polston’s term as Chair has been a special one.   Our association, our industry and our nation has gone through an unprecedented era.  At one time, most every business in the state was closed due to the virus.   But during Joanne’s administration we got a special exemption from our governor at the very beginning for our retail centers.

And the virus played havoc with our state meetings.  Three different times the virus died down, MHISC scheduled a state meeting, and then the epidemic came roaring back.  That was very frustrating for the staff.  Lots of work done but no meeting.   We really have missed seeing our members and meeting with our leadership in person.  Joanne has been a very positive, encouraging force and source of support for the staff as we tried to muddle through.

Her Real Job

Joanne led the association for three years while excelling at her real job, managing one of the Southeast’s fasting-growing fastest-growing residential properties, Sun Communities’ Crossroads community in Aiken.

But you probably haven’t heard what was going on behind the scenes in our industry.  Retailer dealers and salespeople must take a licensing course and a competency test before they go to work.  Bruce Kelly and Con Eargle taught the course for over 20 years.

That Was a Challenge

When they decided to retire, that meant no licensing course.  Without a course there would be no way to get new dealers and salespersons licensed.  Filling that slot was a challenge.   It would difficult to find anyone with deep knowledge of MH who was willing to set up a company, design a course, and commit to teaching it on a regular basis, year-end, year-out. 

But Joanne stepped up to the plate and took on this big project.  Now she and partner Jake Randall are teaching an interesting, accurate class with flair and personality.  Joanne is a joyful person with a sense of humor and fun.  One thing they emphasize is doing things right and personal ethics. That is great for our industry. Every new salesperson, authorized official and dealer gets off on the right foot with a solid foundation. 

Thank you Joanne. 

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