The COVID-19 crisis has affected every industry in America, but industry members are finding ways to safely work with customers and keep their employees on the job.

MHISC surveyed 20 retail members in SC to learn more about how they are dealing with the issue. The results of the survey are displayed on the right.

The majority of retailers are still operating, but most are only seeing customers by appointment

“Very few home centers have closed down completely,” says MHISC member Al Randall. “But most have made substantial changes in their operations.  Retailers are going above and beyond their normal tasks to sanitize not just their office space, but all of their display models too.”

People looking to buy a home may find this to be the best opportunity if they are normally concerned about finding time to look at homes or are trying to find a reason to get out of the house.

Many stores, such as Southland Homes in Greenwood, are offering no-contact browsing, letting shoppers view the homes at their own pace without interacting with staff members.

“We are leaving the homes unlocked during open hours and inviting people to walk through on their own.” Says Sid Moore of Southland Homes.

Aiken Housing manager Earnest Lee says that many retailers are still working throughout the day processing applications and working to get people in their new homes despite any C-19 setbacks.