Feeling Good About How We Can Make a Difference in People’s Lives

December 23, 2020

I pretty well gave up Facebook once the elections got under way. Except for MHISC’s two association FB accounts, “MHISC Members and Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina”.

The first is a members-only page with information for industry professionals. And the occasional jokey post that mainly people in the industry would appreciate.

The other page, Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina, is designed to educate the public and let potential buyers see what how fabulous today’s homes are.

The page can also educate the guys in our industry about what an important role manufactured homes play in this state.

We posted photos of a modern-day manufactured home. The pix got 388 likes, 40 shares and 28 comments. The comments really tell the story:

  • A mom from Bethune near Camden commented “Beautiful. Lord one day….”
  • A younger person who works at Tuomey Hospital in Sumter wrote: “Just beautiful, oh I wish”
  • A lady in Georgetown commented: “I need this house ASAP!”
  • A nurse in Estill (that’s in Hampton County) sent a slangy note to her brother: “Now that’s a bad house!”
  • A mom who works in Myrtle Beach wrote: “Father God I’m claiming this”

The thing that jumped out at me was not only how much people like the looks of the house but how, for many folks, living in one of our homes is something they yearn for, hope for, even pray for.

It really quite poignant to read these comments. You realize we’re not just putting a roof over people’s heads.

We’re making their dream come true. It’s humbling to be in an industry where we can bring joy to people and make a difference in their lives.