Manufactured home producers can produce a home with the same quality and materials for half the cost.

The average cost of a new manufactured home in the latest statistics available was $43.27 per square foot according to the US Census Bureau. The average cost for a site-built home for the same period was $83.38. Both figures are for the home only, excluding land.

The idea of producing homes is a landmark example American business ingenuity, according to Mark Dillard, Executive Director of the Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina (MHISC.) “Manufactured homes are the American competitive market system answer to the crucial need for affordable homes in South Carolina,” Dillard said.

Studies show that manufactured home builders reduce costs not by lowering quality but by capitalizing on the advantages of factory production including:

  • Rain or shine production
  • The ability to buy materials in large quantities. A visitor to manufactured home factory will see not only large quantities of wood and other building materials buy also items such as fireplace inserts bought in quantity.
  • The efficiency of line production, with employees performing a particular job quickly and efficiently.
  • Minimal waste of materials

The Green Way to Build Factory construction is the most environmentally friendly way to build homes. Placement of a manufactured or modular house on the home site has much less impact on the land than building on-site. Less fuel is used transporting a manufactured house than the dozens of trips necessary to build at the home-site. Wood is ordered and cut to exact sizes, minimizing the waste of natural resources.


Mark Dillard, Executive Director

(803) 771-9046 Ext. 4