November 20, 2019

It’s an eye opener.

Have you looked at MHISC’s Facebook page for consumers?

(We now have two FB pages:  Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina for potential homebuyers and MHISC Members which is a closed page for, you guessed it, MHISC Members.)

We posted a photo of a nicely landscaped home with a porch and asked FB fans for their thoughts on factory-built homes. The post got over 700 loves and likes, 93 shares and 4,066 engagements.  “Engagements” is an important measurement,  It means that 4,066 people spent time reading through the post rather than just scrolling past it.

We got lots of nice comments also.  “Very beautiful home.” “Beautiful.” “Love this home.”  “Muy gusta.”

Our homes can have a lot of curb appeal.

Many of the comments conveyed genuine enthusiasm.

 “They are pretty and I always wanted one.”

“I have been renting for 35 plus years and I\’m ready”

“I Want One, Where Can I Find This In South Carolina?”

 “We have lived in one since 1976. My dream is to one day fulfill this dream for my mom.”

The phrase dream home came up more than once

From Bennettsville:   “My dream home”

Spartanburg:   “I would love to live in a nice dream home of my own.”

My parents used to talk about their dream home.  To them it meant the ultimate, all the home they would ever need.

Wow.  For many people, a manufactured home is not a compromise or a temporary stop on the way up the ladder.  It’s their dream home.

Whether you’re building, selling, installing, financing, servicing or providing a place for our homes, this is something to feel good about.