Energy Star Homebuyers Pay Zero Sales Tax

The popular ENERGY STAR zero sales tax incentive will remain in effect until at least July 1, 2024 thanks to a new law passed on May 12, 2020.

This incentive allows South Carolina homebuyers purchasing a home that meets ENERGY STAR criteria to pay no sales tax on the home.

This bill received major bipartisan support at a time when homebuyers need it most.

Manufactured homes built to ENERGY STAR ratings help decrease environmental impact and increase long-term savings. Higher insulation ratings lower utility bills and requires a smaller HVAC unit.

Manufactured housing is solidifying its place as the best option for sustainable, affordable, and attractive energy-efficient housing.

The bill to extend this program to July 1, 2024 was introduced in January 2019 and was nearing passage, but the COVID-19 pandemic halted the session.

The General Assembly met May 12 for a one-day marathon session of passing the most vital legislation left on the table.