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Best in the Industry

Nominee Questionnaire

Deadline for Submittal:  5:00 pm September 18, 2023


1. Please complete the attached Nominee Questionnaire.

2. Describe achievements of the nominee company.

3. The information submitted will be used on the ballot and will be distributed to the membership.

4. Please limit all answers to 75 words or less. MHISC reserves the right to edit answers for length, grammar and clarity.

5. The date(s) of the accomplishments listed should range from July 2022 to the present.

Selection process

Winners will be selected by the MHISC membership at large.  Each business location currently in good standing as an MHISC member will have one vote.

The photographs submitted and the nominee’s accomplishments listed in the attached questionnaire will be distributed to the membership along with a ballot.

If necessary, a screening committee will select finalists. 

Winners will be honored at the MHISC Winter Meeting in Columbia on December 6, 2023.

Delivery Options


Mail: 1801 Gadsden Street; Columbia, SC 29201

Fax: 803-771-7023 (Mail or Email Photos)

Please send three photographs taken since July 2022 showing different views of your company location, staff, and homes.

Photographs may be mailed to the MHISC office or e-mailed to:  

Original photos will be returned to you.

Deadline for Submittal:  5:00 pm September 18, 2023