ATLANTA – Like many cities across the US, Atlanta, GA is experiencing an affordable housing crisis.

Rent rates continue to rise and push people away from the city, increasing commute times for jobs that often don’t pay enough to support it.

Developers believe that factory-built homes, both modular and manufactured homes, may be the answer to this crisis.

A single developer was able to fully complete a small neighborhood in a matter of weeks using modular construction. Each home took only two days to completely install.

These specific modular homes only cost between $140,000 and $210,000 each for this high-end neighborhood. These homes will quickly appreciate in value for the future homeowner.


State and local inspectors are with the home throughout the process to ensure they are built and installed to code, making them identical to site-built homes in terms of quality.

Neighbors welcome the new homes into their community. They believe the price range will attract a strong working-class presence into the area and help boost the quality of life for the city. Additionally, the installation process is much less disturbing than a full on-site construction.

The homes are also attractive on the outside.

Modular and manufactured homes have come a long way, even in the last decade. New innovative construction techniques allow for these homes to expand their offerings while retaining their price.

These homes feature options for pitched roofs, split levels, and add ons such as porches, garages, and car ports. They also allow for complete energy star certification, reducing energy waste and utility bills. Even with these features, they typically run at roughly 50% less per square foot than their site-built counterparts.

This is not just an isolated incident. More cities are turning to factory-built homes to help solve the housing crisis and better empower residents through homeownership.