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2020 Membership Application

PURPOSE: To promote and protect the general welfare of the manufactured housing industry which includes modular and manufactured homes.

TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The undersigned hereby applies for membership to the Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina, incorporated under the Laws of South Carolina as a non-profit and non-assessable association. The undersigned also agrees to abide by all present and future By-Laws of the Institute, rules and regulations so set by the Board of Directors, to attend meetings whenever possible, to cooperate with fellow members, to conduct business so that its membership and the Institute in no way will be discredited. The undersigned is therefore eligible for application to membership upon approval by the MHISC Board of Directors.

The key contact below is authorized to represent our firm to the Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina. We understand that our representative may be changed upon written notice to the Board of Directors. 

TO APPLY: Insert a quantity of the desired membership type(s) below and complete the information form.  Add the membership to your cart, then click \”Checkout.\”