Association management is a good job for people who like a lot of variety in their workday.

It also helps if you like to stay pretty busy.

We have a small staff but there’s a lot going on any given day. Like yesterday, Friday the 25th…..


We sent out the results of a survey to the Modular Steering Committee dealing with licensing requirements for the installation of modular homes. The state agency official who regulates modular construction asked MHISC to get feedback from industry leaders.


Yesterday afternoon, staff were dissecting a proposed law recently filed at the Statehouse. H4826 would change the way cases involving “warranty requirements, deposits, or recision of contracts” are handled by the Manufactured Housing Board.


Friday (and most every day) we spend some time reading through the agendas for the state’s 46 county councils, looking for topics that could impact MH. We like to catch these early in the process and ask for amendments before ideas get carved in stone in the mind of council members and county staff.


We talked with Nikki Haley’s office and with the Chair of the national MHI in Washington about a major housing policy summit in Columbia coming up.


The association staff took on a new task in 2018, providing CE that retailers need to renew their license. Today we’re outlining a new CE class on how to work and get along with local and state officials. The class will be presented at the March chapter meetings. Also, we’re taking a CE that we’ve done in the classroom and producing it in video format so members can watch online.


We compiled a list of people nominated by our members to receive a Rising Star Award at the Spring Meeting and wrote a questionnaire to send to the nominees.


MHISC’s Spring Meeting will be May 5 so it will have a Cinco de Mayo theme. Today we finalized a design for koozies which will be given out at the March chapter meetings to promote the May 5 statewide meeting. We’re also designing a colorful registration package on the convention to mail to members. Much of our communications are through email, our webpage and social media, but we like to Old School it with a mail out occasionally.

This morning the staff met at 10:30 and walked through the January and February section of the detailed timeline for putting together the Spring meeting. We also went over the most recent P and L to be sure both income and expenses are on track compared to our written budget.



We work on the website literally every day, to keep the information interesting and fresh. Besides adding this blog, there were changes to the manufacturer’s page and there’s an article we wrote concerning the use of modular homes as urban infil.

A side note:

This list illustrates the wide variety of software used in association management these days. A few years ago, letters and memos were written in Word; data was organized in Access. But just today we also spent time with Animate CC, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and Wordpress.