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The Modular Advantage

Designing Your Own Dream Home

Modular home builders work hard to make your dream home a reality. Homes are built to meet the needs of the entire housing market, whether you need 2,000 square feet or over 5,000. You can customize your home to fit your family’s personal tastes and needs. Floor plans offer a wide range of options from large traditional two-story homes to lake and mountain homes to cost-effective homes for young families and empty-nesters.

Features of modular homes can include: vaulted and tray ceilings, fireplaces, tile and hardwood floors, high-end cabinetry, large open floor plans and many more custom selections.

Superior Quality of Construction

Modular homes are built in a controlled factory environment to the same building codes as traditional site-built homes. This means that harmful weather conditions do not effect the construction or the safety of your home. Modular homes are held to a high standard of superior quality control, reduced waste and quicker construction time. 

Homes are engineered using the latest construction technology to be energy efficient. This attention to detail will save homeowners money on their utility bills in the future.


A homeowner can find a modular home to fit most any budget. The price of modular homes reflects the cost-effective building process and passes the savings along to homeowners. 

Homes are delivered up to 90% completely constructed. Modular homes avoid the delays of site-built homes such as weather, subcontractors, insufficient manpower, and missing building materials. Many builders are switching from traditional site-built homes to modular homes because of the efficient construction and unlimited customization of modular systems. 

The construction of a modular home can be complete in as little as 30 days. A site-built home typically takes anywhere from four months to over a year. 


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