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Types of factory-built housing

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are a type of factory built home built to a federal building code. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets this code. Because these homes are built to a federal code, they can be shipped and installed to any state.

In some cases, local jurisdictions will have some minor local ordinances requiring more specific building requirements. For example, in Beaufort SC, all manufactured homes must have an 18” clearance under them to protect against flooding.

Manufactured homes come in a variety of designs and styles. Homes can either be single-section or multi-section. Single sections, commonly referred to as single wide homes, are made up of one piece. Multi-sections, which could either be double wides or triple wides, are made up of multiple pieces. Each piece of a manufactured home is transported separately and joined together on location during installation.

Each section of a manufactured home is considered a “floor.” For example, a single-section home is considered one floor, a two-section home is considered two floors, and a three-section home is considered three floors.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are another type of factory-built home. Unlike manufactured homes, modular homes are built to the state building code. This means that manufacturers have to know the state the home will be placed in when building the home.

Modular homes share their building code with site-built homes. Both are built to the state residential code set by the South Carolina Building Code Council. The code is adopted from the International Residential Code (IRC).

Tips for Retailers

The biggest thing that manufacturers recommend to retailers is to have a good website. Unlike most industries, the retail locations do most of the advertising for the homes. Many retailers are finding success in marketing homes through online tours.

Manufacturers also recommend learning more about the product you sell. Most manufacturers are more than happy to invite retailers for tours and visits to their plant.

Some of the most popular upgrades manufacturers are seeing are upgraded kitchen and baths. Many customers will upgrade to ceramic showers and tubs. The most popular color for kitchen cabinets are gray and white. Most manufacturers can ship homes with tankless water heaters installed, but there is a low demand for them due to cost and accessibility.

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