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MHISC Online CE Course

Q&A Panel with Manufacturer Experts

Course Overview

Please Read This Section Carefully Before Continuing

Course Approval

This course has been approved by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation to count as one hour of Continuing Education credit for manufactured home dealers, salespersons, installers, repairers and contractors licensed by the South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board.

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Using the Software

The Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina has developed proprietary software for these online courses. Please read this carefully to ensure you complete all the steps necessary to receive credit.

  • Navigation – you can navigate to the next and previous pages using the green navigation buttons at the bottom of each page. You can navigate to specific sections and check your overall progress in the course using the progress bar to the left. Your browser’s back button will also take you to the previous page within the course. Please note that quiz answers will not be saved when you leave a page.
  • Submitting Questions – Participants can ask questions directly to MHISC staff using the Ask Question button beneath the progress bar. Please use this when you have questions about the course content, using the software, or anything regarding the industry or association in general. You will receive a reply shortly by email during business hours.
  • Check-in Quiz – Throughout the video portion of the course, you see a series of questions to answer in the fields below the video. Please enter your answers in the space provided. When you are finished with the quiz, type in your full name (as it appears on your license) and license number, press submit, and wait for a confirmation box to pop up before proceeding to the next page.
  • Content Mastery Quiz – After the review portion of the course, you will take a 10-question content mastery quiz. When you are finished with the quiz, type in your full name (as it appears on your license) and license number press submit and wait for a confirmation box to appear before proceeding to the next page.
  • Finishing the Course – After reaching the ending page of the course, you should have completed watching the full video, the check-in quiz, and the content mastery quiz. After you are sure you have done these, you may exit the course. MHISC will send an email to the address you provided within 7-10 business days confirming successful completion. If you do not receive this email, please follow up with MHISC at
Requirements to Receive Credit

Please review these four requirements to receive credit for this course.

  1. Preregister for this continuing education course
  2. Watch the full course video
  3. Answer the six-question check-in quiz on the video page
  4. Complete the ten-question content mastery quiz
Course Learning Outcomes

By participating in this course, participants will:

  1. Learn about the impact that the COVID-19 issue will have on the industry
  2. Learn about popular home upgrades manufacturers are receiving requests for
  3. Learn about the quality assurance standards in place for manufacturing facilities
  4. Learn about new online marketing techniques retailers can use
  5. Learn the difference between manufactured homes and modular homes

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