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MHISC Online CE Course

Working with State and Local Governments

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The Levels of Government in the Industry

There are four levels of government that influence our industry:

    1. Federal: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets the building code that all manufactured homebuilders must follow. The HUD has inspectors in all manufacturing facilities that ensure homes are built to code.
    2. State: The Manufactured Housing Board (SCMHB) is a part of the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation (SCLLR). The SCMHB oversees the of all licensees and handles complaints from consumers. Consumers submit a complaint to the Manufactured Housing Board. If they determine the complaint to fall under their jurisdiction, they pass the complaint off to the Office of Investigations and Enforcement (OIE) for further investigation. If the OIE determines that the licensee is in the wrong, they will forward it to the Office of Disciplinary Council (ODC) for trial.
    3. Local – Counties: County permitting offices are responsible for issuing building permits required for manufactured homes to be installed. County inspectors also look over the home to make sure the installation is up to code and all utilities have been properly hooked up.
    4. Local – Cities and Counties: Either the county or city will be responsible for issuing permits and inspecting homes, depending on where the home is placed. In some cases, the city may have an agreement where the county does inspections and permits for homes even though they are in city limits. Under state law all new manufactured homes must be installed to the installation manual for that particular house. Some areas in South Carolina fall into flood zones and have additional set-up requirements. It is a good idea to touch base a city or county inspector before starting work on the installation.

Who’s Who in the State’s Industry

We covered a lot of important actors in the state industry. Here they are:

    1. SCLLR: The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation is sometimes abbreviated “SCLLR,” “LLR,” “LLRSC,” and “SCDLLR.” This is the parent organization of many others on this list. The SCLLR is responsible for handling the licensing of most professions around the state and exists to protect consumers.
    2. SCMHB: The South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board is often abbreviated “MHB” or “SCMHB.” The MHB is a sub-organization of the SCLLR and deals with issues specific to the manufactured housing industry. The board is comprised of 11 members appointed by the Governor. Members of the board fall into certain categories; these include at least one from each: a manufactured home manufacturer, a manufactured home dealer, a manufactured home salesperson, a manufactured home contractor, an engineer, an insurance representative, the state fire marshal, a resident living in a manufactured home, and a citizen at large. Molly Price is the administrator of this board.
    3. OIE: The Office of Investigations and Enforcement is often abbreviated “OIE.” The OIE is a sub-organization of the SCLLR and handles the investigations into consumer complaints. Once a complaint is received by the OIE, investigators collect information about the issue and compile it into a report. The OIE also makes a recommendation as to any discipline the licensee should receive. The OIE does not make a decision on the licensee being guilty.
    4. ODC: The Office of Disciplinary Council is often abbreviated “ODC.” The ODC is a sub-organization of the SCLLR that acts as the prosecutor in complaint cases. Once the OIE has determined there to be an issue, the case is forwarded on to the ODC. The case then typically is resolved in one of three way: a consent agreement, a memorandum of understanding or a full hearing before the Board. An attorney from the ODC presents cases to the SCMHB.
    5. MHISC: The Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina is abbreviated “MHISC.” MHISC is not a government organization. MHISC is a trade association comprised of retailers, manufacturers, communities, lenders, and other industry professionals. MHISC exists to make sure members needs are met by the state government. In addition, we also offer other services to the industry, such as this continuing education course.

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