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1801 Gadsden Street
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 771-9046

Continuing Education Certificate

Licensee Name

Brad Polin

License Number

2022 - 2024 Licensing Cycle

Carried Over from Last Cycle:

2020 - 2022 Licensing Cycle
2022-001-026: Ordering, Selling and Installing Manufactured Homes During a BacklogMarch 24, 2021Zoom Meeting/Charleston1hr
2022-001-041: MH Basics: Construction, Regulation & SafetyMarch 14, 2022Online1hr
2020-001-025: Installation: The Rules in South CarolinaMarch 14, 2022Online1hr
2022-001-046: Working with State and Local GovernmentsJune 14, 2022Online1hr
2022-001-042: Doing Business in South CarolinaJune 14, 2022Online1hr
2022-001-029: Real Estate Title Issues Impacting MHJune 22, 2022Online1hr
**2022-001-046: Working with State and Local GovernmentsJune 22, 2022Online1hr

**Indicates course credits eligible for carry over to the next cycle. If a licensee takes more than the required amount of courses in one cycle, they can count up to two credit hours for the next cycle.

Mark Dillard

Mark Dillard, MHISC Executive Director

This document reflects MHISC records as of October 3, 2023

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