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MHISC’s staff and website are authoritative sources of information about the manufactured and modular home industries in South Carolina.

The staff is always accessible to provide background information or address current issues on behalf of the industry.  

Virtually all manufactured homes placed in South Carolina are manufactured and sold by MHISC members.  The organization also represents the land-lease communities, and the lenders, insurers, HVAC, transport and other service and supply companies that serve the industry in SC.


For questions related to wind safety and manufactured homes, you can find all of our updated storm safety information here. Please also read our MEDIA ADVISORY.

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Staff Contacts

MHISC staff can provide additional background information, photos and “b-roll.”

Also comment on specific current issues such as: legislation, local zoning, safety (wind and fire), etc.


Katrina Jørgensen                            (803) 771-9046  ext. 6

Director of Communications                                                           (817) 881-8199


Mark Dillard                                            (803) 771-9046  ext. 4 Executive Director


Shell Suber                                            (803) 771-9046  ext. 2

Director of Government Affairs

Photographs Click here to receive high resolution versions or these photos.

Manufactured and Modular Homes Styles Popular in South Carolina

Manufactured Home Communities in South Carolina








South Carolina Manufactured Home Communities

South Carolina's best manufactured home land-lease communities and subdivisions range from resort-style developments to basis communities that offer space in pleasant, friendly locations at a very affordable price. Click here to learn more about South Carolina's Quality Manufactured Home Community ® designation.









MHISC is the voice of the manufactured and modular home industries in South Carolina.

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