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    VIDEO Guía: Cómo Proteger Su Casa Manufacturado Contra Fuertes Vientos

    WLTX created a wonderful video based on MHISC's guide to preparing your manufactured home for a storm, especially for our Spanish-speaking South Carolinians. See full text here.

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    MEDIA ADVISORY FOR Hurricane Irma; week of September 7, 2017 – September 13, 2017

    More information (available 24/7): Director of Communications Katrina Jørgensen 817-881-8199;  803-771-9046  Ext. 6

    Guide to Manufactured Housing and Hurricane Safety

    Columbia, SC -- During the State of Emergency in South Carolina ahead of Hurricane Irma, the Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina is providing this quick guide that will provide up-to-date facts, important safety information for South Carolinians and help answer frequently asked questions about manufactured homes. We have also included a quick vocabulary guide to the industry.

    • MHISC represents manufacturers building modern houses for South Carolina homeowners as well as over 250 manufactured home communities in the state. Our association has over 600 member companies.
    • Please see the attached Storm Safety Guide to accurately inform the public about how to prepare their homes ahead of Hurricane Irma.  “Most of the guidelines for preparing a manufactured home for a tropical storm are the same as for other houses,” MHISC Executive Director Mark Dillard said.  “But there are a few steps specifically for our homes that that can be done quickly and cost-effectively by homeowners without a construction background.” MHISC has already sent this guide to our members, and reminded them of safety guidelines in seeking shelter, whether they live in a modern manufactured home or a site-built house.
    • Tough new wind safety standards went into effect in 1994 after Hurricane Andrew. Studies show these modern homes to be as safe as traditional houses.
    • Federal law requires that a home built and installed after 1994 in the nine South Carolina counties nearest the coast must withstand winds of 100 mph. Homes placed inland must be able to withstand sustained wind gusts of 80 miles per hour. South Carolina counties prone to hurricane-force winds are labeled Wind Zone II: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Horry, Jasper and Williamsburg. Learn more about Wind Zones here.
    • All manufactured homes come with a “data plate,” which is usually in a utility closet near the beaker panel on a kitchen cabinet. This plate will state what wind zone the home was built for. NOTE: Mobile Homes built prior to 1976 were not constructed to any type of code and may not have a data plate or wind zone rating. They are designated as "mobile homes".
    • Please see our Storm Safety page for more information.

    The Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina (MHISC) was founded in 1967 to promote improved standards in the factory-built home industry.  MHISC represents the manufactured home industry on the SC Building Codes Council which promulgates building codes for the state.

    The association also holds a seat on the SC Department of Insurance Loss Mitigation Advisory Committee.  The Committee was formed to develop strategies for reducing loss of life and reducing property losses due to hurricane, earthquake, and fire.

    Important Terms in Manufactured Housing

    Trailer / Trailer park:  The term “trailer park” does not apply to current day manufactured home rental communities.  A trailer is a product which can be pulled by an automobile and is used for temporary quarters.  During the 1940’s and 1950’s “trailer parks” were set up for short term rentals by traveling workers. A camper, motorhome, travel trailer, RV or anything that can be pulled behind a passenger vehicle is not considered a manufactured home.

    Manufactured home:  A manufactured home is a house built in a controlled factory environment for use as a permanent home.  Homes built after 1976 to a national building code are manufactured homes.  They are built to standards issued under the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C.A. §§ 5401-5426.)

    Mobile Home: “Mobile home” refers to a home built before the advent of a national building code for manufactured homes in 1976. Modern manufactured homes are no longer referred to as “mobile homes”.  “Mobile home” refers only to homes built before 1976.

    The difference between a manufactured home and mobile home is not just a matter of semantics. Federal and state law and local ordinances make a distinction between the two and treat the two types of houses differently. 

    The distinction between the two is especially relevant in discussing safety issues.  Mobile homes were built to a patchwork of local and voluntary codes.  Manufactured homes are built to stringent federal standards.

    Modular Home:  Modular homes in South Carolina are built in a factory to the same code as site-built homes, the International Residential Code.  They are shipped to the home site and placed on a permanent foundation which also meets the same requirements as site-built homes.

    Wind Zone: A wind zone rates the amount of wind pressure a home must be built to withstand. Wind zones were created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Modern manufactured homes must be built to a particular wind zone requirement depending upon where the home will be placed. Homes placed in South Carolina’s nine coastal counties are built to special “Zone II” hurricane-resistant standards.  The remainder of the state is categorized as “Zone I”.   A similar wind zone system is also used for modular and site-built homes.

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    Coming to the MHISC 50th Anniversary and Convention? Get Our Exclusive Event App!

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    For Immediate Release

    Summary: Governor Henry McMaster will address members of the Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina on Saturday July 29th on the association’s 50th anniversary convention.

    South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster Joins the Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina at their 50th Anniversary Convention

    July 18, 2017

    Hilton Head Island, South Carolina – The Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina (MHISC) hosts their Annual Convention on July 26-29, 2017 at The Marriott Resort and Spa. The convention also serves as a celebration of the non-profit’s 50th anniversary since its founding in 1967. To mark the auspicious occasion, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster will address MHISC members during their General Business Meeting on Saturday, July 29.

    MHISC is a non-profit business association which represents the manufactured and modular housing industry for the state. The organization includes manufacturers, retail centers, and services providers, in addition to the owners of manufactured homes and their communities. MHISC is a member of the national Manufactured Housing Institute and the National Modular Housing Council. Throughout South Carolina, MHISC has five local chapters in Charleston, Grand Strand, Midlands, Pee Dee and Update.

    MHISC is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina and headed by Executive Director Mark Dillard. Dillard, who will also be recognized for his 25 years with the association at Hilton Head, says, “We are honored to have Governor McMaster, a long-time supporter of our industry, join us at our Annual Convention. Our organization has spent the past 50 years supporting this important market and we know the Governor shares our vision of providing affordable housing options to South Carolinians.”

    Kevin Clayton, President and CEO of Clayton Homes, and S.C. House Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope (R-York) will also speak at MHISC’s convention.

    For press inquiries or more information about MHISC, please contact Communications Director Katrina Jørgensen (kjorgensen@mhisc.com) at (803)-771-9046 ext. 6 or Director of Governmental Affairs Shell Suber (ssuber@mhisc.com) at (803)-771-9046 ext. 2.

    About MHISC:

    The Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina is a non-profit business association representing the manufactured and modular housing industries in S.C. The 50-year-old organization has over 600 members, with five state chapters. Since 1967, the organization has worked on behalf of its members to create a beneficial regulatory environmental, provide industry news and educate the public about manufactured homes.


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    If you hear about new installation standards from HUD---here’s what’s going on.

    HUD has directed South Carolina to adopt new installation standards for manufactured homes when there is no manual   This will be months and months away.   MHISC will be analyzing the set-up standards to be sure there are no problems.  We’ll be providing you details well in advance. 

    If you'd like a sneak peek, the plan now is to go with two sections from the federal HUD regulations:  24 CFR 3285 - 3286.

    Read more:

    It's our Annual Convention & 50th Anniversary!

    Announcing Additional Special Guests

    Thank You to our Sponsors!

    Anniversary Playlist

    Hotel Info

    Meeting Agenda & Officer Slate

    Retailers and Contractors: Here's How to Avoid a Fine When You Sub Out Work

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    Retailers and Contractors: Here's How to Avoid a Fine When You Sub Out Work

    The SC Manufactured Housing Board has been fining dealers and contractors who sub out set-up and repair work. 

    People who do installation or repair work for retailers must either: a) be a W-2 employee, or b) have their own license from the SC Manufactured Housing Board.

    A retailer can do repair or set-up on homes they sell without getting a separate installer or repairer license from the state agency.  But the SCMHB says the dealer can’t sub the work out unless the person doing the set-up has an installer or contractor license.  At recent hearing the board said the contractor’s license should be from the SCMHB, not a license issued by another agency such as the Residential Builders or Contractor’s Licensing Board. 

    The agency has also fined licensed contractors who subbed work out to another crew not under a licensed contractor. What matters to the licensing board is not whose name is on the paperwork but who is actually doing the work.

    Read more:

    It's our Annual Convention & 50th Anniversary!

    Announcing Additional Special Guests

    Thank You to our Sponsors!

    Anniversary Playlist

    Hotel Info

    Meeting Agenda & Officer Slate

    Feds Say SC Must Change Set-up Standards for Homes Without a Manual

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    MHISC Convention Agenda & Officer Slate 

    Tentative Schedule of Events

    (Event times are subject to change)


    Wednesday, July 26

    4PM               Registration Opens                      

    7PM               Hospitality Suite                            


    Thursday, July 27

    9AM               Registration Opens

    11AM             Past President and HOF Luncheon

    1PM               Membership Committee             

    1PM               Dealer Roundtable                        

    1PM               Community Managers                 

    2PM               Modular Steering                        

    2PM               Image & Professionalism                            

    7PM               Reception / "Pool Party" (Dress: Beach Attire)       


    Friday, July 28

    8AM               Golf Tournament Registration & Breakfast

    9AM               PAC Golf Tournament    

    12PM             Registration Opens              

    2PM               Family Bingo   

    6:30PM          Kid's Night Out  

    6:30PM          Reception                                                

    7PM               Dinner / Awards Gala (Dress: Sharp Casual)              

    9PM               DJ and Dance     


    Saturday, July 29

    8:30AM          Breakfast Buffet

    9:15AM          General Membership Meeting (Dress: Business Casual)

    Officer Slate *

    MHISC members will elect the 2017-2018 Board of Directors at the Saturday morning Annual Meeting.  As outlined in MHISC's by-laws, the Nominating Committee met and voted to nominate this slate of proposed board members.


    John Bowers


    Vice Chair

    Joanne Polston



    Tony Massarelli



    Brian Rowland


    Past Chair

    Gary Blue


    Member At-Large

    Ernest Lee


    Manufacturers Slot #1

    Jeff Mooring


    Manufacturers Slot #2

    Michael McLean                


    Retailers Slot #2

    Lynn Cook


    Service/Supply Slot #1

     Rick Sanders  


    Community Slot #2

    Nichole Graham

    *Bob Peebles (Community Slot #1), Jim McCracken (Service / Supply Slot #2) and Debbie McGee (Retailers Slot #1) will continue on in 2018 for the second year of their two year term.

    Read more:

    It's our Annual Convention & 50th Anniversary!

    Announcing Additional Special Guests

    Thank You to our Sponsors!

    Anniversary Playlist

    Hotel Info

    Retailers and Contractors: Here's How to Avoid a Fine When You Sub Out Work

    Feds Say SC Must Change Set-up Standards for Homes Without a Manual

MHISC is the voice of the manufactured and modular home industries in South Carolina.

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