Government Policy Issues



Alternative Set-Up
New Technology Setup Systems for Manufactured Homes: Different Look, Different Requirements?

How manufactured       homes appreciate in the marketplace

Maximizing property tax revenue from     manufactured homes

Consumer Protection
State and federal      consumer protection        laws and programs

SC law allows manu-factured  homes to be combined with land as real estate

Inspection requirements for manufactured homes

Licensing Requirements
Licensing, bonding,       testing and training requirements for sales       and installation

Modular v. Manufactured Homes
What’s the difference?

Property Values
Studies of the impact of manufactured homes on adjacent property

Regulatory Agencies
Who regulates manufactured housing in SC?

Sales Tax
South Carolina Tax Law

Unlicensed Installer
Answers to the Common Problem of Unlicensed Installers

Urban Infill
Manufactured Homes as Urban Infill  

Ordinances and Trends


Officials and researchers turn to MHISC for:

  • Technical Information
  • An authoritative voice for the industry.

95% of manufactured homes sold in SC and over 90% of modular homes are built by an MHISC member manufacturer.

Members include manufacturers, retailers, developers, rental communities, as well as the lenders and other service/supply companies who serve the manufactured and modular home industries.

Political Philosophy:

Manufactured homes are the American competitive market system’s answer to our state’s critical need for affordable housing.

Home ownership is good for South Carolina families. Well-drafted government policies can enhance the ability of South Carolinians to own their own homes while promoting compatibility among all homes.

Resources for local governments:

 Shell Suber, MHISC Government Affairs, for

  • Definitions, terminology and legal research.
  • Model zoning ordinances.
  • Information and ideas on topics important to local policy makers ranging from improving assessment values to preventing the placement of substandard homes.

Did you know? Many SC counties now see appreciation on manufactured homes on county tax roles. Proper methodology is the key.

State government relations program:

MHISC is at the SC Statehouse every day of the six-month legislative session. South Carolina law gives the association a seat on two key state agency boards, the SC Manufactured Housing Board and the SC Building Code Council. Legislators and state agencies turn to the association for expert input, statistics and ideas that have worked in other states as they consider drafting legislation or regulations.

The association has a track record of success in working for legislation to increase consumer satisfaction and higher standards in the sale and installation of factory-built homes. Contact Executive Director Mark Dillard for more information.

Industry is Strictly Regulated:

The manufactured housing industry is strictly regulated by both federal and state agencies.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD) oversees the design and construction of today's manufactured homes.

The SC Manufactured Housing Board, a division of the SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, is the state agency enforcing a wide range of rules and regulations that dealers, installers, builders and contractors must adhere to.

For information on state statutes relating to the manufactured housing industry in South Carolina, including:

  • Licensing requirements
  • Dealer bond requirements
  • South Carolina installation regulations and more, click here.

Industry Facts and Academic Studies:

Click here for a digest of academic studies ranging from appreciation to impact on nearby properties to quick resources for academic studies and reports on modern-day manufactured housing. Learn more about current issues affecting manufactured and modular housing in South Carolina.

  • Numerous facts concerning manufactured homes in academic studies revealed, click here to learn more.
  • For a detailed look at today's manufactured homes, including costs, installation, safety, appreciation, and more, click here.
  • For comprehensive information on the HUD Code click here.
Local Officals:

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MHISC is the voice of the manufactured and modular home industries in South Carolina.

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